After a week with Renoise, is it time to say goodbye?

we can only agree to disagree :smiley:

Is now a good time to promote my Renoise Q+A ? Renoise Live Stream Q+A with Ani Klang on Twitch - YouTube


Always, mate.

Holy shit, check the backstage!!


Nothing new there on my end. Is there something new for you?

Haha he’s just goofing around :sweat_smile:

Those were the days where we all were eagerly awaiting any new release as Renoise still had things to fix or features to add


Aha! Yeah, I wasn’t here then, but that’s funny as hell :smiley:

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Back in the day taktik used to write a song and one tool with his program. Now it makes him physically sick to look at it. It is good though that the community can laugh and laugh. Do you know what it is like to laugh like that?


Anyway, did you do new songs? Still remember your fine tune you sent me once. Cannot find it on my drive anymore, it was really nice!

Not new songs, but sometimes just messing around with idea(s).

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neat, watching…

That’s a nice sounding electric piano!

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It isn’t anything special, just a plain one note sample. I’m just using it because it is small :slight_smile:


Hello folks,

Just to bring this talk back on track :

Even with the world´s spinning fast enough already, some still find the time to make up problems where there is no need for.

Use the tools you find intuitive enough to learn and work with. Nothing to argue about.

One major reason why Trackers were still created when these so-called DAWs emerged is - exactly because they have no pianoroll in the first place.
There are Tracker-specific people and there are DAW-specific people.
Some DAWs can do things a Tracker can´t do that easily and vice versa.
But those are two different kind of domains which can not be compared directly.
And to be frank here - many DAWs are hyped by marketing just like the term itself.

When it comes to actual composing, there are way to many options nowadays.
Limit your options. Truly get to know your tools and use them.
A handful of plugins/instruments you actually know and understand go a long way.
Also take the time to experiment with them. And sure, listening to random samples can be inspiring too.

Back in the days when we were limited to 4-Channel-Trackers people were creative exactly because of those limitations.
And Protracker and such were already pretty powerful.
Sure, audio-quality nowadays is much better but the overall creativity in content has dropped.

So please, try to make use of the already available features before asking for more features on a weekly basis.
And make those marketing-related talks stop already.

Thank you for listening.


No , the developers should not lower the bar for newcomers ,why does everything has to be dumbed down ?
All they should do is persist in learning the software , like we all did


Hi, even though O’m a newbie, I totally agree with you!!

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You’re argument for bad UX is that things should be complicated and not “dumbed down”. I’m not sure that’s a valid point.

Renoise could be more complicated/powerful than it already is, so why shouldn’t devs strive for that? Oh… maybe there’s a subjective point of balance.


But isn’t it already well balanced? Is Renoise really complicated? I say no, it’s not. Piece of cake!
When I started making music at the age of 12 with SoundTracker back in 1991 everything was new to me, I didn’t know nothing and was absolutely clueless in every aspect. So did I get annoyed about the hexadecimal system or else? Of course not! I never thought about it, I just did it because you have to do it that way because the program requires it. Basically @stoiximan already said everything about it in his comment, let’s repeat it:


Making less complicated is not the point! Making more efficient it’s the point. Pianoroll is more efficient in some cases, so why we dont have an additional Pianoroll in Renoise? If you not like the Pianoroll, then use Trackeredit furthermore! But all users with less hardened point of view will welcome it and like it / use it maybe. Where is your problem with this? And thats should be the same for all other sensefully optimations and Enhancements naturally. Not only for a Pianoroll.

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It is about making things intuitive so beginners can start quickly.

Renoise is a tracker DAW, not a piano roll DAW, we could also ask Cubase, Logic, Live etc. where’s their tracker editor as they have a much larger development budget. Sure a piano roll is more intuitive for beginners but then they should actually use the aforementioned DAWs.

It is time to let the piano roll go until we actually miraculously get it because we are most likely never going to get it IMO.


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