After Saving... The Instruments Are Missing


Please, help me.

I have installed Renoise, read all the help file and started to make my first song in Renoise (but not the first song ever using the tracker, let’s tell the first since 1996 I’ve stopped tracking …). After it I’ve saved my song… I’ve reload this song and… the instruments bank was empty! I’ve mounted there before some vst-instruments and everything was playing well.

Why has it happend?



maybe you should mail the module to taktik





this looks like a bug to me, or maybe you saved an instrument instead of the song.

Well, I’ve reinstalled Renoise and my VSTi-s, updated DirectX from 8.0 up 9.x again and now all is working perfectly. Something must have been wrong, not necessary with Renoise - I was sure I saved a song, not an instrument nor anything else. Ok, if the problem occurs again, I’ll report it to taktik. Anyway, thanks for support.

So, now it’s time to buy Renoise :)

greetings to Renoise team & forum users