Again! Problems With Vst's!

Renoise seems to be having trouble locating all of my VST’s…

Well have you set the paths properly?

Yes, I have. It’s still only finding 3.

osx, windows or linux?

I’m running it under Windows. The machine is built on an AMD64 X2 4400, running in 32bit mode.

Tried trashing the “CachedVsts.xml” in “c:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Renoise\V1.9.1”?

Yep, a few times!

Hmm, maybe an old settings folder present at “c:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Renoise” causing this?

Some of mine aren’t showing also…
Running Leopard on an Intel.

I had the same problem on my Tiger/PPC machine…
It was resolved when Reaktor 5 caused Renoise to crash on startup. The next time I opened Renoise it scanned and found the VSTs it had previously missed when scanning from the preferences menu.
Is there a way to force Renoise to perform this scan on startup?

If I’m not mistaken, I believe that Renoise performs this function already. Albeit, it still doesn’t seem to find all of my instruments; only three.
However, it does manage to locate all of my VST effects.

I was wondering if perhaps it performs a different scan after crashing?
It seems odd that it only managed to find half of my VSTs until after a crash.

Renoise will not rescan plugins that caused crashes while scanning them. Also it will not rescan plugins which failed to load in previously scans. To make it anyway rescan them, delete the failed plugin cache in the preferences folder:

Windows XP: x:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Renoise%renoiseversion%
Windows Vista: x:\Users%username%\Application Data\Roaming\Renoise%renoiseversion%
MacOS: ~/Library/Logs/Renoise.log & ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise/%renoiseversion%
Linux: ~/.renoise/%renoiseversion%/

Also when running Renoise on OSX, you have to make sure that the plugins are universal binaries. You can not load the old PPC VST plugins on an intel mac.

If your plugins are still not showing up, take a log into the Renoise.log file to find out more details. The log is also located in the preferences folder.