Ahem...dumb Question.

Alright, out of the gates let me say that I am uber-new to Renoise (as in, a couple hours). I am not verily used to using a tracker (at all, actually), but have heard some great results and decided that it would be nice for me to be able to use one properly. I am using Ableton Live, but I guess it is what would be considered a virtual ‘rack-type’ sequencer. I’ve tooled around and learned a few things via the tutorials, but one thing that seems to elude me (and I swear I’m following the instructions to the T) is the ability to record ‘CHORD PROGRESSION’ on the fly - ie, multiple notes and then movement to another couple of notes (into what could then be called a ‘sample,’ to be looped or inserted somewhere in the pattern). Am I dumb, or is this just not possible? I set up ‘chord mode’ and ‘follow,’ but notes are placed directly in the first column (as they were played), and are played as arpeggiated. I swear that they are supposed to be played in another note column (which I have created), but I am having no such luck having them record/appear there as I play. If anyone can PLEASE help me take off this dunce cap, it would be greatly appreciated. From there - once I can play chords - I was wondering if it is possible to apply a VST effect (like PSP Nitro) onto the actual VST instrument - in other words, to basically chain them? Thanks for any help anyone can lend!


Besides the above info the following is also important:

To record polyphonic keys press right shift (song record) or rightt ctrl to add live chord sequences.

When Renoise is not playing (you just see the red border which indicates notes will be recorded when hit), you need to hold left shift and strike your chord to insert a single chord stroke.

The only situation where chord mode does not work while Renoise is playing is if you select an empty instrument.

If not, feel free to ask more…

Ahh, thanks for getting back to me so quickly on that - yes that does help. Is there any way to make it less unwieldly - the pushing of the shift with one hand while playing isn’t exactly fluid (and I have a feeling I’m missing the obvious here).

Also, in regards to the sample editor - is it possible to render midi to audio somewhere in Renoise and then take it into the sampler without ‘going global’ and restarting the program?

***EDIT: Aarrgh, yep - disregard the first part above. Any help with the second part appreciated, though. Now I feel like I’m getting somewhere with Renoise, much thanks for your help thus far!


You can record audio in the sampler of Renoise from your MIDI device, unless it is your internal wavetable, Then you should route your soundcards audio back into the line-in of an audiocard on another pc that runs Renoise.
Rerouting into your own soundcards line-in is something i don’t advise as this type of digital loopback may destroy your soundcard.