Akai import tool?

Did the Akai import tool ever get updated? The 2.8 version doesnt seem to work with 3.1



Did the Akai import tool ever get updated?


If you’re desperate for a converter application, there’s this which supports Renoise instruments;http://www.extranslator.com/

Sadly that tool only does half the job. It can prepare samples from Akai to Renoise, but if an Akai program has multiple layers (such as a snare with low, medium and high velocity) it can’t produce a Renoise instrument with that intact. Instead you get 3 renoise instruments.

This happens with some Akai libraries, other seem to be converted properly with correct multisamples into Renoise format. I will try to figure out why that is!

Anyone know better?

Cheers :slight_smile: