Akai Mpd 16 Pad Vs. Renoise

Hi there

I wont too buy this pad ^^^, but im not sure yet, i want too known something first.

Is it possible with renoise, too asign different sample’s too different pad’s of ^ that machine? (really liked too known this)

and maybe swith keyboard shortcuts too the pad? like the record button and arrow down? (but that’s not really the ‘‘problem’’)
Sorry for this REAL crappy english, i hope one of you will understand it a little bit of what i am saying…

thx anyway

I’m no expert here but i think that pad can communicate with Renoise or any other host via MIDI (input and ouput) signals. It doesn’t matter how will you set the machine, it will have no influence on how Renoise recognizes it.

You have to make sure if that machine has MIDI ports, if so, you can feel safe to buy it.

I’m still a newbie though. Moderators are free to delete this post if the information is incoherent.

Peace! :)

BTW, wich styles are you into?

The pad will only understand MIDI signals i presume, so you would not be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to midi-commands.
You might be able to control VSTI’s and it’s alias instruments if you can send the signal to the vsti through the according channels.
Personally i would rather recommend a rotary device with turning knobs, you can assign those knobs to DSP / VST sliders in Renoise (and also volume and panning sliders) which might be more usefull than just such a pad.
In your first question i can only guide you keypad side of your keyboard where you can use the nine figures to play the nin instruments displayed in your list. (If the prehear is turned on, they will not only play, also the note will appear in the pattern editor when Record mode is on, usefull for making percussion lines)

Yes. There’s a program which will let you assign a different note to each pad.

No, unfortunately that’s not possible.

If you do get an MPD-16, I recommend gluing it to something solid, otherwise the pads aren’t responsive enough.

both of these have way omre functionality for a bit more cash. turntablelab has all three, the akai right now is only 99 bucks, the other two are 199.

im digging on that korg, myself :dribble:

I allready got this one right here -VVV-, enough knobs to turn on, but i dont care too asing these too VST, because i allmost not use them, asign them to parameters of renoise would be nice.

But i want too get this pad, for easely making complete bassline’s.
So i can asign about 8 kicks, some claps, hihat’s enz too the pad and work really fast ( i think)
Also for playing live with ableton, so i can asign loop’s and cue’s too the pad, and make a complete re-arrangement live.

But only if it works like i asked in my first post, im gonna buy the pad, because i dont want too buy it if it’s only for the use of live acts.

…the pad got usb and midi…

i’m mainly producing terror and speedcore, but also breakcore and drum n bass sort of things, ambient.

‘bome’s midi translator’ can convert midi messages to keystrokes. It’s nice using my MPD16 as sort of a quick-shortcut panel. :)
It’s postcardware. I’ve sent a postcard to the author a few weeks ago. Still waiting for the key to get rid of the nagscreen. ^^

that sounds wicked!


Copied from the Bome forum…

the Korg Control 49, or microkontrol also have plenty of Pads/Sliders & knobs. I plan to get one for use with glitch after a bit of experimenting!

Damn! should have tested with Renoise first before posting. ^^ :(
I’m more into FL Studio the past months, and it works well there.