Akai Mpd 32

So I’ve been doing my best to get away from a computer keyboard as of late. Renoise is still going to be the main sequencer though. It records external midi note data well enough for my purposes aslong as lpb > 8.

I’m good (or used to be good) at tapping out rhythms and fiddling with knobs. Thus I deeply desire an akai MPD 32 or possibly an mpd 26.
Does anyone regularly use one with renoise? Do they tie together well. Does renoise deal with the akai note repeat, swing and gating well when recording (I imagine that setting LPB pretty high should do the trick)?
I would like also to map the pads to native renoise effects, can they be set-up on the controller to send midi cc values?
What are the pads like? If they are as insensitive as some people are saying I’ll have no problem modding them, but I would like to know anyway.

Do you think the added functionality (3 pages for the 8faders and 8 knobs and ins for expression pedal and footswitch) warrants the price difference between the mpd 26 and the mpd 32 (€171 vs €275)?
I saw there is a duplex setup for the mpd32 now so I may well end up using that.

Opinions and advice much appreciated!