Akai MPD & Renoise MPE

Hi there,

woha, long time not being here, actually starting making some re-noise again. Eventually… :yeah: :wacko: :drummer:

Anyway, I am using the Akai MPD 32 and have been using it extensively on my last release (this), but only in preset mode. And there, only in the ‘Reason Preset 2’, which worked quite okay for controlling renoise.

Since I am on a linux machine, I cannot use the GUI software editor for making an actual renoise set and was always too lazy and too confused with the LCD onscreen menu the MPD offers to do it.


Does anyone have a nice preset for this thing for renoise?
Or any advice on how to build one with the help of the LCDisplay?
Perhaps integrating with seven scientists great MPE?

I appreciate any help or comments.

Regards, Chris