AKAI/ROLAND sampler CD support


I was wondering if there are any plans for making Renoise import samples from AKAI/ROLAND sampler CDs? I know I could convert samples to wav first - I’ve done that before using CDXtract (http://www.cdxtract.com) and it works quite nicely (playback previews etc) , BUT - a direct conversion on the fly would be much cooler - as it’s really painful to conevert EVERY CD, while you perhaps want to actually use only couple of samples.
One way, of course, would be use some VST that suports sample CD import, some software sampler, ok but still that’s not as smooth perhaps…and well, Renoise it self actually is sort of softare sampler so…
So am I alone here missing this one or…?


reading akai cd’s directly on the fly is more or less a pain in the ass to develop. maybe someone already has coded this and might help me integrating this feature in renoise ?

I don’t think this should be a priority at the moment. There’s a good few VSTi’s that support AKAI(/Roland/EMU/Ensoniq/etc) import (though Kontakt hardly ever works), aswell as CDxtract, Translator, etc.

Maybe in the future, it would be cool to load multi-instruments like that, but for the time being I think it’s not something you would need to add. CDxtract will let you save individual or selected partitions/instruments/samples to a wealth of formats, keeping loop-points, etc. intact.

Have Renoise in window-mode, and CDxtract open. ;)