akg k 240 mk 2

S o I recently bought an akg k 240 mk 2 headphone …still burning , overal liking it.
But but , thing is , its plugged straight into an edirol ua 25 soundcard (ofcourse using the headphone output ) ,
The overall volume is stil a bit to weak , so I am seriously considering buying an headphone amp .
Where will have to insert the amp into the signal chain?After or before the soundcard?
Anyone here on the forum have some good recommendations , what phones are you guys using .
I might bring it up a step and go for the senheiser hd 600,

I normally use the AKG K550, and even though those can be connected to a cauliflower and still sound good I use an EHP-O2D amp/DAC combo that feeds them (and the rest of its companion cans) a quality signal.

Whenever I plug in my headphones (no matter what kind) into my work computer (PC Windows 7) the soundlevel is LOUD AS H**L. I have to lower the volume until I have only one bar left (or the slide is almost at the bottom) and then lower it in Renoise too in order keep my ears from getting blown into smithereens.

My computer at home though (Mac OS X) I can plug it straight into the computer have the volume at half with both Renoise and computer and the soundlevel is ok.

I know, this doesn’t help you one but, just felt saying it.


main thing here is impedances. some of the high end cans like sennheiser hd600 are about 600 ohms.

my soundcard headphone out is rated at 80 ohms. my hd25s are 70 or 80 ohms. or something like that.

you want to drive your headphones with an impedance that matches it. which is why you might use a headphone amp before your headphones to drive them properly. you want the impedances to roughly match to drive the phones properly.

Even with soundcard ( edirol ua 25 ) at full volume , I have the feeling my headphone is still sounding underpowered …so obviously the edirol is not providing enough power .
Still the k240 mk2 is only 55 ohm imp.;so that’s not too high so the edirol should provide it enough power right?,
So why does it sound so underpowered
Still have no idea how much impedance the headphone output on the ua 25 delivers …at least not measured in ohm
So I should plug a headphone amp after the line out of the edirol into amp .then ?

headphone out>headphone amp>headphones.