Album 100% Made In Renoise Out March 30, 2006

hey everyone!

the dutch label cardamar music will print 300 copies of “the mirror formula”, and it will be out march 30, 2006. this album was released for free, and premiered on the chillout channel on december 19, 2005. this release will remain free, however, this is what the limited edition CD offers:

  • new mix/master of all tracks for far better sound.
  • a brand new bonus track.
  • new albumart from the brilliant norwegian gfx artist leonard faanes.

as said in the topic, this album is produced 100% in renoise. all mixing and mastering done in a studio using various hardware and protools.

the cd is 10 euro + shipping. you can pre-order it here:

if you want a copy, you should hurry. more than 60+ copies are allready ordered since the announcement of its release 2 days ago.

respectfully yours,

+1 B)

Looking forward to hear this mastered.


grazi pysj :)


cool! i remember downloading a few of your .XMs that were tight (XR-VENT.XM, XR-ELEKT.XM are classic!) :lol:

go download the new shit then :)
if you like ambient stuff that is… hehe


Hey dude congrats with the album! Put you album up in iTunes

i’ll relese all my mp3’s for free. i do want as many people as possible to hear it. that is, afterall, why i compose music. not because of the money.

so the 300 copy limited edition is for those who are fans, and would rather want a real production of something they like instead of a collection of mp3s.

also, releasing mp3 for free gives people a unique chance to preview the entire album before actually spending money on it :)


PS! the entire album is on
keep in mind that the CD will be mixed and mastered from scratch in one of the best studios in norway (@ idefagskolen) + it will contain a bonus track and new coverart.

Ah alright I was more thinking of getting more exposure for your music… ;)


Good luck with the release.

Hey Xerxes,

just bought your album!
Can’t wait any longer. B)

thank you very much rondomat :) really appreaciate the support even though you could just download it.

(well, the CD release will be so much better in sound ofcourse + an extra song. so i think its worth it) :)

have a great weekend m8!


I already did. B)
But want to own the CD as well.

Hehe, make that your sig. :P

Leeched it as soon as I saw it, bought it the second I saw this post. Music I love belongs in cover art!

Dessuten, denne blir verd bra cash om nåken år. Ju rokk! B)

Tell me Xerxes, when you gonna teach Renoise classes?
I mean, it’s just three sessions and people can already easily create great songs.
I bet you can’t do this when teaching Cubase.

Thanks for putting a 12 minute extra bonus track onto the CD, Xerxes! :o
(I got that Cardamar newsletter today, hehe…)
Waiting for the arrival of the CD… :walkman:

And a little bump! :)

cheers rondomat :) glad you bought it… the bonus track is the cream og the crop! i wanted this to be special for those who supported me by getting this album…

i hope you like the artwork and design too :) we are very happy with it!


I already got my copy in yesterday…
There are a lot of details that miss in the Mp3 editions :D

shit man :) you got it before me!! hehe… was it worth the 10 euro?


Hell if i would have known in advance this publisher was an hour driving away from my home i would have picked it up personally.

Yeah, the Mirror Formula track is a real drug-addicting chiller…
I was a bit impatiently waiting for the real stuff to come in the first five minutes but the nature of the song is different from what my expectation was so it took some time to detach myself from my expectations.
But i already liked the other stuff a lot as well else i wouldn’t have bought it.

Forgot to mention, it sounds real clean and diverse, the mixing and mastering job is really well done…

thank you sir vv! :)