[Album] 1990 (Late 80S Synthpop / Italodisco)

Hello again.

I have recently released a new Italodisco album, which is now ready for you to enjoy. It’s filled with authentic music of the late 80s and early 90s. It’s not only a “kind of oldies music”, but a truly authentic recreation of the music of this period.

It’s completely thought through - I used authentic synthesizers of the period, as well as contemporary techniques and procedures. I even laboriously added needle drops/lifts and vinyl crackles so the sound is totally authentic.

You can find more information about the album, listen to the tracks online, or download the whole album including a nice booklet on my blog here:


(the rest of the blog is in Slovak, don’t be scared. The album page is in English for you to enjoy)

I hope you enjoy the retro feeling, and will be happy for any feedback :)