Album 4 -- "With ♥ Love"

Free download:

12 tracks. 55:30. 320 kb/s. 44.1 KHz. 24 bit. From me to all of you.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction, and for supporting this amazing software known as Renoise. I’ve grown quite a bit since I started using it, and I’d like to show my appreciation.

Much love,

Smooth. U got real skillz!!

I had a problem unpacking the first track, but otherwise it’s fine.

So you haven’t heard the first track? I might need to reupload it, then.



And thanks for giving it a listen and liking it, mate! :D

I have problems unpacking this too. I get a crc error on the first track and “mismatching local filename” errors on all of them (I think that’s something to do with the heart character in the path).

Okay, reuploaded. Sorry for the wait – It’s Final Exam Week, and I haven’t been sleeping much lately.

I would advise to upload to soundcloud or somewhere, as I get like 10kb/s from Mediafire in my location, taking a while :(

It’s streaming at, and I’m currently uploading it to Soundcloud.