Album: Vi Prøver Igen

Hey guys. After about a year in the works, I have a new, free album ready (made with Renoise, of course).

Also, album ZIP:

Enjoy :)

Chiptune goodness! Great job!

Lyder åndsvagt godt!! Nice :) You just got a new follower;)

ha… this is sweeeeet

yeah, great stuff!

Hot damn. This is top notch man.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Very motivating :D


your music is so fresh. it´s not the style i´m listening normally, but these tracks are just fine. there are so much nice details. yes it´s really BEAUTIFUL music.

nice story:

i was driving with my son (4,5 years old) to his friend, in the car we listened to your music. while driving i looked to him an saw, that he was absolutely fascinated by the music. i´ve never seen so much interest on his face while listening to music in the car.

result: i gave him my cd, and in the evening, when he got to bed, he wished to listen “that music, which played while driving”.

grx: d.

Wow, that is probably the most inspiring story I’ve had in a very long while. Super glad you (and your son) liked it!

Awesome album - It’s really containing some great vibes! :)

BTW Nice to see other danes using Renoise! :D

@ mat2: yes…because, in my opinion, that´s a evidence that your music HAS “special attitude” because children ARE ALWAYS TRUE…small boys and girls ARE as adults SHOULD be…true, honest and full of passion.

grx: d.