Aleatoric Sequence Generator For Renoise

Well, I tried and made such a version, but I’d label it “beta” for now. Having more elements to interact with, makes things considerably slower. On my PC here the performance is somewhat sluggish. Check it out on and let me know if it works reasonably.

There are page buttons above the position and velocity sections: 0-63 and 64-127. Having all the positions on one page would make the sliders too thin to control.

It’s hardcoded to 128 rows now. I can imagine 256 will be unbearable. OTOH, making the row count dynamic may help for the general case of 64, but it’ll be quite complex to do. I’m not sure it will be worth the work. You could always generate several times for longer patterns.

This is awesome. Really really awesome.


I think this tool should also be included on the Renoise official tools page at

Me too.

Who’s updating those pages? Not everyone reads the forums, no?

Hello everybody,

If you are interested, I have developed a nice little “phrase generator” for Renoise, that pastes tracks directly inside the tracker.

Not yet ready to release (only started coding it yesterday), but I would love your feedback on the screenshot and demo loops I have posted in this thread.

Is this tool available anywhere? I’m having no luck with those links

I had no problems reaching the page or the download… Have you tried shutting down your firewall? if your host has blacklisted the domain, well, guess you need something like Tor browser or another type of proxy browser to reach that site.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, it’s a shame it no longer selects the correct instrument number though.