Alexandre Rangel "dansaMachina (cinema ao vivo bailante)"

Dear Renoise trackers, here’s some clips of a recent performance of mine, with songs made in Renoise.

I just got to know Renoise in July and fell in love with it (thank you, guys!) ! It really got my creative process going!

On this live set, I mix songs with two instances of Renoise running alongside.
I mapped each Renoise master’s volume to a different midi slider, so I could cross fade between songs. I wish Renoise had tabs to open more than one project ;)/>/>.

Alexandre Rangel “dansaMachina (cinema ao vivo bailante)” (dancing live cinema)
Audiovisual performance with my experimental electronic music and VJing at the Brasília National Museum (22/August/2013).

Here’s the first song:

Here’s another clip:

Alexandre Rangel “dansaMachina: granada”
Composition and VJing: Alexandre Rangel
Guitar: Cepa
Voice: Gérson De Veras
Visual samples: Barbarella (Roger Vadim, 1968)

Two more clips of the same performance:

Alexandre Rangel “dansaMachina : manifestos”
Composition and VJing: Alexandre Rangel
Manifesto Afrofuturista: Francisco K, Alfredo Bello and Solymar Cunha
Voice: Francisco K
Dissolução do Abapuru: Xico Chaves


Alexandre Rangel “dansaMachina : meiaNoite”
Composition and VJing: Alexandre Rangel
Guitar: Cepa
Paintings: Gérard Fromanger