Aliases For Vst Fx As Well So That You Can Send Notes To Them.

I think this would be a very handy feature to implement because so many of the FX that I use have the ability to receive notes and I can’t use that functionality! :o :(

Yes indeed - vocoders with built in synths for example.


Would love that too. Other nice things like the obvious vocoder are playable reverb, playable filters, glitch. :)

…and the crowd goes wild!

Yeah, I want this too. :)

and… synths with built-in vocoders. :)

(voyager for example)

one of the few long-term-most-missed-features.

Not to mention comb filters. Quadfrohmage can receive cutoff freq data by Midi CC or by note, and it is simply exquisite.

First post btw, hi.