Aliases Routing

Since I won’t be able to use ReNoise for about 10 days b[/b] from now on, I ask if someone could try this VST plugin to try to overcome ReNoise aliases limitations with multioutput routing:


Well, for starters:
It’s not being detected. not as VST effect and not as VSTI.

And maybe this plug is being voided on purpose (to prevent possible exploitation of the Demo version of Renoise)

And if this is not the case, then this topic can be moved right away to the VST bugreport section of 1.5

It’s not a renoise issue, senderella does not work on any host I tried, not even in tracktion and that’s the host it especially was designed for.
It either doesn’t show up or i get a weired error on loading.
Maybe missing libraries issue?

There’s also Jaltoh’s Soundbus, it can even share streams between different hosts. Doesn’t work that stable though, also introduces additional latency.

It-Alien, I don’t really understand your thoughts here, how could this be used to overcome multi-out limitation? Senderella can’t seperate tracks that already got mixed, and you can only access the sum out of a plugin in renoise? Or do you use eXT?

You see, I’m in a hurry these days: I won’t even be online in the next week, so I couldn’t pay great attention to this plugin, and I said: “So, for what I joined an online community if it can’t take care of my questions on behalf of me?”

Thanks for your support B)

ok B)

Well, Senderella does not work.
However you can also try something similar like TobyBear’s MixBox (

Though, i just considered…(and i’m just explaining in a more simplified manner of thinking what Marc already said:)
I could as well try to route the tracks to sendtracks and make the effects being happening there.
But as we already know it: aliases are sharing output on their host-tracks.
It is no use to do these attempts, they won’t split the mixed VSTI output.

vvoois, is it possible you use win xp without any servicepack installed?
The author of senerella is currently looking into the problem, he said i’m the third person so far that reported it doesn’t work. His guess so far is it might have to do with the missing SP.
The dev is asking on this thread about systems of working and non-working senderella users.

I have SP1, but i’m not planned to install SP2 just to get his free plug working.

I void SP2 principally. (Because it doesn’t do enough what it supposed to do but does things it does not supposed to do at all.)

edit nopes, sorry, don’t have even SP1 installed, that was before my XP crashed out.

I only run security patches (it’s almost the same but without the bells and whistles)