Alien7 - The Masterplan (8bit/electronic)

Please tell me what you think about this song. :)

Great track. Especially when the chiptune beat comes in.
It has such a good mood :walkman: :walkman: :walkman:

Thanks. I was wondering if it was chiptune enough. :)

It’s like a music from keygen)

I have heard a lot worse keygen tunes.This one doesn’t really fit in here.

I have not heard keygen music last 7 years)

Could you guys point me to some keygen music? I’m very curious.

Yes, I think that everyone find something new for himself every day)

Man, I’m taking this as a compliment. Keygen music is awesome. :)

yeah,keygen its a entire culture of 90s-00s,a peculiar spirit of freedom and freeware soft(which was cracked by evil hackers)) from my childhood)

Here is some keygen music that is actually good:

How do i use that key on my registered version of renoise? I can’t seem to find it in the keyzones. :badteeth:

Nice track Alien7!

EatMe, you really took your time to listen. I appreciate that. :)
I shall take your notes into consideration and do a remastering in the future.
You really put some effort into it. Awesome. Thanks Again. :)