All Midirecordings Becomes Monophonic (chord strokes are not recorded)

Hi. I have started to get a problem with renoise. For some reason do i only get one note in from my midi keyboard, no matter if i take a chord or not. For some reason do i not have the same trouble in renoise 1.8

I use a macbook with saffire le.

Anyone who has an idea of what i can do to get renoise to work properly again?

If i play the keyboard in logic is it workin as it should. so that leads me to think that there is something wrong in renoise or my renoise-settings.

Gratefull for whatever help i can get.

Renoise records chord strokes when you either have ofcourse Chord mode on ( ) but also enabled Pattern Follow ( ) during your patten recording (and playing).
If you just have edit mode turned on to manually add notes, then striking your left shift key and hitting a chord on your keyboard should also create a chord.

If even the last case fails then your instrument is blank (no samples or no VSTI or no MIDI device assignment). With a blank instrument, chord strikeds are ignored.

Any of these cases that might be the culprit?

Yeah! The chord-button. am my face red or what! :)

I havent realy had space for my keyboard in my room for a while, so i started to forget the basics. thanks a lot for reminding me. Realy looking forward to playing some piano again.

Striking left shit and chords works. it didnt now about that btw, realy apreciate that piece of wisdom. :)

thanks a lot VvV