All Renoise Songs

For those interested :D you can find the songs i’m satisfied with here:

All done in Renoise, and Renoise only. The flashplayer does not have a volumeknob, so be careful. EQ’ing skills are not up to par, so there’s room for improvement, and refresh the page to get back to the ‘choice’ box, otherwise the player just plays all the songs in a row. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Just listened to A Stroll Through Paris. Sounds great! Like you said, kicks could use some EQ, but minor gripes. i like the tune a lot.


All really cool stuff. Listened to a bit more. I really love your use of orchestral instrumentation. Very pretty. Though the cello sound in Magnolia doesn’t quite “do it” for me… The piano stuff is sublime. Do you have a page on Virb?

…thanks dep, i try to improve with every track i make. No, no page on virb; i have a soundclick account and a page on but they’re not active [yet], gonna focus on making music first :D