All Samples Inside A Working Directory

I’m sorry in advance for the long post.
Please, before you crucify me for what I’m about to say, please note that those are purely thoughts and suggestions, based on my production experience and the way I produce music.
Today and as many people would say, “Renoise is a program that looks upon the future and doesn’t stay in the past” and so on, I think that there should be an option of either:

  1. Storing samples inside the .xrns file.
  2. Keeping all files instead in a seperate directory, a working directory for the project, for example, \Audio.
    When I produce (electronic or acoustic recorded music) I work alot with layers. Those layers mostly involve big .wav files of renderings and recordings. They’re often big, there are alot of cuts and extra samples. I used DAWs for the last 6 years and I’m trying to move fully to Renoise. I’m very happy with the way it works, but that’s a bit of a problem.
    I’m not sure how many of you just track with little samples and 1-2 VSTis just for fun and how many are professional, but when I get to a module in the size of 300mb or more (and it does gets bigger sometimes)
    every time I have to save the module I tell myself okay… time to get a drink or something. it just takes so long, to store all the sounds inside. The same goes for loading. But it’s the saving process which disturbs me the most, when I usually save my works every 15 minutes. When in the middle of playing something the autosave comes into play, or the backup maker it will halt my computer with the sound stuck on where it was for a minute. Putting all in a directory is an easy and professional solution.
    Ofcourse there are oldschoolers who want to have the “new FT2”, I think it would be good to leave this as an option in the properties menu, whether you’d like to save inside the module or a directory.
    I think that yes, Renoise should be looking at a very bright future and start aiming at the professional market eventually.
    No DAW exists which stores samples inside the original files.
    Almost every high quality production in the music world has a working directory of atleast 300 - 500mb.

If you’re already thinking about my suggestion, think about having a sample “poll”, like in Cubase for example which is where edits and cuts from samples go. Just to make the work easier.
Renoise has the potential of becoming not only the best music software, but the strongest sampler in the market.
But 500mb or double/triple that in one file, that’s too much. I’m not sure it’ll even handle that.

I’d be happy to see your input about that and perhaps the opinion of the developers.

We hear you :)

Of course we all want the feature to just save the link to samples and to stream directly from harddrive.
Renoise is simply not there yet. But that (stream and audio tracks) are definitively something that we should aim for some time in the future.

About saving:
You have an option to not save backups during playback.
Also you have different options to compress the samples or not.

Just a suggestion for now:
If you really do a lot of long recordings you might check out energyXT.
Try use that as a vst(i) plugin synched to renoise.

I don’t know how your workflow are, but could be worth to check out.

Thank you very much for that reply. I didn’t notice the option of not saving during playback, it’ll save some trouble for sure.
It’s great to know that Renoise heads up to that direction.