All Will Change

I’ve set up my Virb page to play short clips of all the tracks on my album (the two previously released tracks are still present in full). It should provide a decent overview of the range of music that’s present without giving too much away. If you’ve previously thought my stuff was too noisy and heavy, you may find stuff you like here (in amongst the noisy stuff, of course :lol: ) You’ll have to scroll the songs down in the player and click on the first track, Origin. It should automatically play the rest in sequence.

Great stuff… I will have some listening ahead of me! Love your dark styles. I will comment on Virb as I go…

Likewise fellow virbist! Just to let you know I’ve updated about 8 tracks of Amiga,OctaMED & MIDI stuff I did between '98 and 2005… more to come :D

I’ll listen & comment asap.