Alle Alles

I’m running out of beats haha, so just took something existing that fit more or less well: [Alle_Alles_(Cowbell)]( Poesiealbum Alle_Alles_(Cowbell).mp3 music a~sh)

(Well, guh… but I kinda can like the music from 1:43 on, so going from there I hope I can flesh out the rest too… It will still be the cheesy thing it is, but at least a bearable rendition of it, if you know what I mean.)

But why I’m actually posting is because I have a conundrum: [Alle Alles (Along Comes Mary)]( Poesiealbum Alle_Alles_(Along_Comes_Mary).mp3 music a~sh)

Yeah, I know that sampling is a no-no, so I’ll have to at least replace that with distorted synths… But then it’s still not “legal”, right? But what about high school bands covering tunes? Assuming it’s non-commercial?

It’s not because I wouldn’t be able to come up with something myself… but the lyrics to Along Comes Mary fit soooo well to mine… I wrote 'em because someone told me about their harsh life and (once again) all my own little worries seemed like fluffy clouds… which the refrain is kinda aiming at (when you’re fucked up, look if you can find someone even more fucked up and help 'em)… well, and then there’s

It’s just too tight a fit to “forget about it because it’s a no-no”. It’s not stealing, it’s art or fate or something :P No, seriously, I could use some advice/links/keywords in regards to covering songs…

As far as constructive feedback is concerned, well, I’ve just recovered from the flu, so I know my voice in the Cowbell version sucks, and the music… it’s giving ME ear cancer, so I’m not sure if I want to know what you people think haha. I’m still in the phase of “doing initial rough sketches of version with the current batch of lyrics”, ultimately I want to go on tour with a Polka Band, and Renoise is just a tool to get there. B)