Allow recording multiple samples in one xrni

[s]If you’re recording a lot of live audio, like guitar, the only way to keep your instrument panel from becoming a mess is to make a “drum kit” xrni and put all your recordings in one xrni. Problem is, it currently won’t let you record a second sample into an xrni. Even if you open the xrni, click + to add a new sample, open the blank sample and click record from there, the recording will instead be placed into the next available blank slot.

So this means you have to record, copy, scroll up and open the instrument, paste the sample, every single time. It also means you have to go to keyzones and click “drum kit” every time, because the new sample will bring its keyzone data with it, and won’t respect that the xrni you’re copying to is in “drum kit” mode.

There is also currently nothing in the record dialogue box to indicate which instrument the sample will be saved to.

The idea I propose is, once an xrni is in drum kit mode, allow recording multiple samples into one instrument, and show which instrument slot you are recording into. Or maybe even a different keyzone mode to trigger this.[/s]

edit: I am blind

uncheck “create a new instrument on each take” on recording dialog to record on selected sample slot in instrument

Oh my god I’m actually blind. :wacko: