[alr.possible] Suggestion To Midi-input

I’m suggesting adding a disable/enable velocity-button to be able to ignore velocity of MIDI-input. This for two reasons:

  1. VSTi:s handle the velocity-values however they want, but when I trigger samples through Renoise I often prefer to play the samples at the same velocity (just like when playing by the PC-keyboard).

  2. If I record using my MIDI-keyboard, I prefer to be able to enter the notes with default/max velocity and then by hand change/lower whatever needs to be changed in the patterns.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who reflects over this, but sometimes velocity-ignorance is a bliss for the kind of music I make. :) Should be easy to implement this programmatically too, just ignore the velocity-value and link it to a enable/disable-button (preferably enabled as default, I guess).

I’d love to hear others opinion on this.

Oh, I’ve also sometimes reflected over not being able to use the hold-pedal when playing samples in Renoise via my MIDI-keyboard, but I realize that this is a somewhat harder case to handle (f.ex. when figuring out how it hold should be dealt with when recording et.c.).

you already can do that. configs->midi-> untick ‘record velocities’

I’m sorry for bringin it up then when I just didn’t look into it properly. Still would be nice with hold-implementation but this is more than satisfying. :)