[Already Exists] Preference - Click Area Automatically Draws Focus To

I know this has been discussed and brought up - I tend to still feel I belong to the camp of individuals who expect an area of the screen to be focused when clicked on, not alt+clicked. I use ctrl+tab w/ the keyboard to jump from one area to another probably about 99% of the time I need to switch focus anyway but I still find myself wishing I could at least see for myself if I would hate it as much as I’ve been told on these forums I would if clicking on an area automatically brought it to focus.

Specifically this deals with the top and bottom areas of the screen. There’s an inconsistency that’s always bugged me that you can click anything in the middle of the screen and it’s automatically brought to focus, but if clicking with the mouse you must alt+click to focus any of the top or bottom areas of the screen.

would it be possible in the next round of beta testing to possibly include a toggle in the prefs>GUI>global area at the top to focus area on mouse click vs focus area on alt+click?

I was also wondering if this could be handled in the keyboard shortcut section… probably not. not all that logical.

I see the scopes section of the GUI pref pane at the bottom has what looks like plenty of room for one more preference… and it honestly looks a bit odd with that inconsistent spacing any way. Take that extra space, cut it from the bottom of the “Scopes” subsection, move Pattern Editor, Pattern Sequencer, Envelope Editor subsections down and you’ve got room to put the extra space at the bottom of the “Scopes” section onto the Global section, making better use of the space anyway and adding a toggle that many have asked for in the past.

not a huge deal either way, i just wanted to bring it up since renoise is in a beta cycle.

Middle click selects the area?

not on a sony vaio :)

Main Menu > View > Lock Keyboard Focus

^^^ Disable this.

dammit i should have RTFM :wacko:
Thanks, dblue.

and now I see a beta 6 hahahah you guys are madmen. :yeah: