[Already Exists] "Real" Time Displays

For example I have 20 patterns all of different lengths put the total time in minutes and seconds somewhere I can see it. Maybe above the tracks dsp tab at the bottom of the patterns area. Tell me how long each individual pattern is in seconds or minutes. Personally, I’d really like it if I could punch in a time for a pattern right away, but :shrug:. Also it would be nice get a time overlay in the pattern and sample editor. Have Renoise do the math to convert for me. :) I’m not saying get rid of what’s there now just give me the option. I understand with tempo effects things could get weird, but even a half working idea would be incredibly useful. If any of this is there and I’m just not seeing it my apologies.

Sample Editor has real time! Just select it on either top or bottom bar by right clicking.

Renoise only displays current song position. Can see a current pattern length and total song length fitting in somewhere maybe… not sure I’d need it myself and any more than that would get messy imho.


Too bad no one else seems to need this feature. It really cramps my style. :rolleyes:

It’s already there, top right corner, next to the CPU meter. ;)

Thanks, but the way it works now is goofy and not very useful. That’s why I didn’t notice it. :D That display shows the “real time” up to the selected line in a pattern if you aren’t in record mode and in record mode it shows the total length of of the track up to the pattern you have selected, sorta. If you are for example 2 seconds into the first pattern of several and then turn on edit and scroll to the end the time is different than if you scroll to the end starting with turing on record at the zero point. :smashed: If this behavior was reversed and the time at a specific bar was displayed while in edit mode this information would be more useful, but it would still be better to have real time displayed about more aspects of a track. Even with the info now, I still have to do math to add patterns of a specific length. :(

If I want to see the length of the whole song I have to scroll through all my patterns and click on the last bar of a track. Lets say I wanted to add 25 seconds, if I wanted to check this with the time display now I would have to change the pattern length, move to the bottom to check if that was enough time, move back to the pattern length, etc. Thankfully I don’t have to move to the selector to the end again if I change LPB but, If I need more in-depth information like figuring out the times of patterns with various lengths when I change LPB I might as well go back to doing math. I still have to manually set “Highlight every XX blocks” to as close as to a real time number as I can get it.

Now I know it’s possible to get this information in Renoise it’s just that it’s implemented in a way that doesn’t meet my needs. How about an option to replace the clock in full screen with some more time data. I don’t like having a clock anyway. It shouldn’t be hard to fit selection time, pattern time and total time all up there. You can drop the hour marker in most cases, I think. :P Personally I think all that info could go at the bottom of the screen opposite the Renoise logo. It’s a lot of wasted space now and it’s easier to glance down there.

The timer also ignores any pattern jumps forward.