[already exists]Song Comments Tweak

I know various changes to the Comments system have been proposed in the past, including stuff like per-track comments, lyrics boxes, scrolling areas, etc. but I have a request for what I think will be a very minor tweak:

‘Show comments after loading’ to be a PER-SONG flag rather than a global flag. A global flag should still exist, in Preferences, but for people who want the comments not to appear for most songs but definitely want them to appear for some, the tickbox in the comment area itself should enable or disable display-on-load for the current song.

Why? Well the Comments system has the potential to be really useful as a reminder: for instance, ‘remember you have to # fix the drums in track 1, # add another section in the middle, # blah etc’. Personally, I use the Comments on my template xrns to list bank values names for my hardware (some of the bank numbers are insane, like 10278, 10367, thus hard to remember).

So as a reminder, if you want to use it like that, it won’t work if you’ve globally disabled comment display on load. Unless you suppress them globally in Preferences (as you can now, with the tickbox), you’d get the comments you wanted to see displayed and the ones you didn’t want to see hidden. And if you loaded someone else’s example track from the Renoise Forums or whatever, and they’d opted to force the comments to appear, you’d see them too. And usually when you download someone’s example/tutorial/whatever, you DO want to see the comments. Or they want you to see the comments. Am I making sense yet? :)


Oh for fuck’s sake, this is already implemented. Sorry taktik - I’m retarded today, for some reason.

Please put your EDIT in front of the text, I entirely read it… What a waste of time. :P

No chance! It does you all good to be reminded of the enthusiastic fervour that can grasp a Renoise acolyte in the dead of night.

Oh, but I WOULD really like to see the Comments box become resizable, with a bottom-right corner drag arrow, in much the same way that people have requested elsewhere the key-mapping box should be resizable.

How 'bout it, Taktik? Does Renoise’s windowing system support such things?