[Already Implemented] Effect Tooltips And Catalog

I’m not well versed in effect codes, and I often find it frustrating to recall the code for a particular effect. Not only do I not always recall what an effect I placed in my own song does, but I often look at the work of others and am instantly confused by the slew of hex.

I think it would be great if, upon hovering the pointer over an effect, a tooltip would be displayed that describes the effect, including its name, the results of using it, and the usage and range of its parameter.

Additionally, it’d be nice if, just like DSPs/VSTs are listed in a catalog, effects could also be browsed and places in a song from a catalog. They could be added to a “Tracker Effects” node in the “Select/Organize Plugins” window, for example.


I’ve noticed this, but it isn’t too helpful because I already need to know the effect code. I’ve used this in the past to see what effects already in a pattern are, but it’s a bit annoying to have to re-enter the effect just to see what it is in the status area.

Great! If this includes basic details, then there’s no problem. :)