[Already Implemented] Higher Bpm Resolution Required

Meanwhile it happened several times I wanted to work on a remix with Renoise, but was not able to, because I’m not able to sync Renoise to the provided WAVs. Producers have the bad habit to setup their tracks with speeds like 127.5 bpm or something like that, which Renoise is not able to handle. Of course you can solve this for short samples with a bit of finetune for the sample and repitching it afterwards. But this doesn’t work for whole track samples over several minutes, because even the finetuning is too rough for exact timing then. And cutting the track samples into slices and adjusting them all exactly would take way too much time.

So I suggest to extend the timing with a higher resolution with at least 3 digits after the decimal point, while the pattern commands could still use the previous hex values for integer BPMs.

Renoise supports non-integer BPM. Just double click on the BPM field and enter the number you want, for example, 127.385. If you enter that, it gets rounded to 127.4 for display in the GUI, but the actual internal BPM is still 127.385, not 127.4.

Wut? :panic: Who’d have thought this program can still suprise me? :) Great! Thank you!

Renoise will surprise you as long as you will want to be surprised by Renoise ;)

Or as long as I’m too dumb to click and fill out a field. :D