[already implemented] Lfo Reset

i’m using a lot of lfo’s on different parameters lately, works nice but everytime i start the sequencer the lfo randomly starts somewhere. it would be great to be able to reset the lfo every pattern/x-bars.

Put the effect command x600 at the start of the pattern or wherever you want with x being the device number in the dsp chain.
This makes the LFO reset. Right clicking on Reset in the lfo device will create this code for you too

you can also specify a value instead of 00 in order to set the LFO at a specific point of its range; for example: x680 sets the LFO at the center.

x600 is a special case which actually means: “set the LFO at the beginning”

edit: Vv and his image were faster

thanks guys! lots of useful tips here…