[already implemented] Lfo Restart Cycle

Would come in handy …lfo restarts cycle at beginning of pattern …Esspecially with custom drawn shapes

If your LFO Device is #1 in the DSP chain, then you can use the pattern command: 1600

See the official docs for more info on the meta devices:

Also see this previous thread for more handy LFO info:


If you want your lfo starting at any desired offset maybe this info might come in handy:


The Reset button can be triggered with the pattern effect command x6yy, x stands for the position the LFO device is on the DSP-rack, YY is the related offset of the configured offset.

  • 00 is the exact offset,
  • 40 is the exact offset plus half the value of the current amplitude-value,
  • 80 is the exact offset,
  • C0 is the exact offset minus half the value of the current amplitude-value

If I understand you correct, it’s already possible: Right clicking the “Reset” button will insert x6yy into the effects column. Edit yy to reset to other position than the default.

Edit: Waay too slow.

thanks …pattern command reset was all I needed …Just didn’t know that it was ( is ) automatable

Now if only we could LFO the LFO scrub :P … (without using xml hacks)