[already implemented] Quantize Notes Shortcuts

any way to have a small button or shortcut somewhere to quantize notes after recording. Automaticly removing delay effect and/or nudging notes to closest line.

For example. Notes with a “D5” in volume or pan column (at speed 6) would not only remove the effect but nudge that particular note to the next line? I don’t record much midi but when i do i would find it quite useful or after importing a midi file.


Yeah. I think when / if the speed concept is changed the best way to implement quantize etc would be like in Cubase.

It’s just sooooo easy to change the groove from triplets to tuplets etc. on the fly with the song playing in the background.

Just go check it out everyone. Press Shift+Q inside a midi part in Cubase.

Hey people, this is a good idea. Why so quiet? Function for quantization of selected area to set beat, yes please!

Why can’t I set quantization by ticks? Oh well, that is another thread then…


Try advanced edit.

Super cool. Now only shortcuts please. Naturally I searched for it with shortcut editor, did not find it.

Sadly that’s not easily done. So you can’t map shortcuts to any AE functions yet.
It’s on the ever so large TODO-list.

Ya I know that. I’ve think I’ve been whining about it since 1.28 or so. :angry:

There are shortcuts for quantization, but most are by default unassigned, except “Shift + Q” which will quantize the whole track.

See Preferences -> Keys -> Pattern Editor -> XXX Operations -> Quantize and Quantize (Preserve Length)

Wonderful! Thank you! :) Somehow I missed those.