[Already implemented] Sample_Editor slice functions

Hi whenever i load for example a 4bar drumloop into the sample instrument, i have the ability already to manipulte the audio with fade in, cut, insert silence etc, but after i have sliced the sample i am no longer able to do this.
I noticed this problem when i needed to cut a “click” from the start of the sample. I know there are workrounds such as sample_offset, and using the envelope tool, but this is time consuming!

thanks Mikobuntu :)

right click samples in sample list, choose ‘destructively render slices’ and win.

Ohhh great thanks very much, does exactly what I,m looking for. ( I really must read ALL of the manual before posting on here ) :)

Or simply right-click on everything in sight and see what mysteries lay within the context menu! :]

Dblue that sounds like a good plan thanks :drummer:

Keep in mind: once you ‘destructively render slices’ you cannot move slice markers anymore. That’s possibly why it’s called destructive.

Cas yes true, although this destructive method allows me to finetune my samples by zooming in and trimming or fading etc, perfect for what i wish to achieve.

I found the more destructive element was manifest in a more subtle way, in my close relationships for example.

I don’t get it, you lost friends over rendering slices?

That read more like a bogus spam reply…