[Already Implemented] Selecting Volume/pan/delay

I think it would be neat if you were able to select/highlight an area of only the V/P/D column and to be able to interpolate the values, like you’re able to with the effects command column. now it selects both the note column and all the value-columns. also if I wanna just copy and paste a selection of a value column.

maybe there is a way to do this, but I havent figured it out and often find myself doing volume-swells and stuff like that “by hand”.

use advanced edit and the masks.


but I dont really understand how to do it there… seems whatever I do in the advanced edit it just puts the values in a really weird order. it doesnt make the value go from 1 to 9 like this: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, but more like, 1,3C,04,05,2C, etc.

do you know how to do a normal interpolation with it?

Content Mask for what you want to affect.

Click on Lin, Log or Exp for the relevant type of interpolation.

Note you need a value at start at end otherwise how would it know what to interpolate from and to. Likely you will also want to use Selection In Pattern, rather than the other option.

got it! thanks alot!

One more note: you can ‘solo’ these content mask ticks by right clicking on them. ‘Un-soloing’ works the same way.