[already implemented?] Visual Feedback For Selected Dsps

Hi there,

you know the situation: You have a bunch of LFO’s for Automation, a Filter, Distortion, a Channel EQ and whatever else… Now you are in the Mixer, selecting a DSP and you are confuzed: Because of the limited width you’ll see only a part of the name and the Track DSP-Strip has lots of Sections: Where is that selected LFO, EQ or what else.

It would be great, if a colored border appears around the selected plugin, so that it can be easily identified could not be too difficult :wink:

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If you use the default colours of Renoise, this is shown to indicate the currently selected DSP in the mixer but also in the DSP rack:

So i wonder what border you don’t see? Have you put focus upon the DSP area? (middlebutton click on DSP rack)
The borders don’t highlight orange if you don’t have focus upon the area.

maybe he uses another theme, making it hard to distinguish border colors?