[already implemented] Vsti Automation

(first of all: the search feature of this site does not work well, i also get all the results, so maybe this topic is a duplicate)

The feature:
Most VSTs have a lot of knobs and settings (call the properties).
It would be cool too be able to alter them in the automation window.

So forexample change the property X of a VST instrument Y.

Is this possible?

Does the VSTi api give an interface to these properties,
else you cannot implement it.

Anyway, hope it is available.

  • TjerkW -

For this you can use the Automation Device:
(Scroll down the page a bit)

Read the tutorials, my friend ;) … this has been possible as long as I’ve used Renoise. I’ll give you a hint: “VST Automation Device”


Hahah i did not know the feature.

A bit strange that you first have to add a meta device and then choose the instrument. Why not a direct link, then i would have seen it before!

I understand your wonder, but thinking at it this is a very good way to:

  • look to VST parameters and pattern editor at once
  • view only the VST instruments you need to automate
  • easily use pattern effects to change parameters values

if your VST instrument can be automated via MIDI Control CHange messages (almost every VSTi can), the I personally suggest you to use the MidiCCDevice, which will allow you to better organize the automation because this way you can select the VST parameters you see in the device and use only them