[Already There] Furthering Meta Devices

Hey guys! Please correct me if i’m wrong but currently i’m finding no way to assign a Meta Device to another track. I’m guessing its not possible so im sugesting it as a possible future feature in a future release. The idea is this: Your working with a meta device (a bass sound with aqn LFO and in another track you have a really hard kick There would be a seperate simple drop down which would allow you to assign it wo another track to kind of “duck” the sound… Really imho this would help define sound (and be really cool to mess with)

…What do you guys think? Good Idea?



what is wrong with using a signal follower & hydra combo for all your ducking pleasures? You can link the hydra to other tracks!

exactly. this is why the hydra was introduced.

Anyone have any salt for this foot ;)

All joking aside DAMN I LOVE RENOISE!

Alright i’m at work so I’ll look into this a bit more when i’m at home and try it… so Signal follower into a hydra device then assign from there into another track like the kick for instance? And here I thought I was onto something lol!! And if not I’ll repost with a more detailed explanation.

Thanks guys!!

You only need the Hydra is you want to send to more than one parameter or backwards direction in the tracks.

Example - Want to Duck the Bass with the Kick.

Track1 - Kick
Track2 - Bass

Track1 - Signal Follower
Track2 - Gainer

Signal Follower’s Dest set to Gainer’s Gain. Play about with the settings and see what you can get out of it. I believe Min and Max need to be reversed…

Also, if you want to change the character of the Ducking effect, but not of the kick drum, have a Send Device first, then have the Signal Follower after some effects to change the sound. EG a Gate to help give you silent section where Gainer will then be at Max (similarish to Threshold) or some Reverb, to add some tail to the sound (like Compressor Release Time.) I guess the lookahead of the Signal Follower may help as Compressor’s Attack (in fact that’s pretty much how it describes it on the manual pages.)

There are a few examples around in the Tips & Tricks forum.

We are on 2 different pages I do beloeve… I’ll try this out when I get home and maybe draw up what I mean a little better for you guys… =)