[Already There] Multi-Apply Sample Settings

a suggestion for the “Instrument Settings” tab: being able to apply a setting to all selected samples (most probably like this: applying it to the samples of all selected keyzones)
there’s such a thing already for applying VEL->VOL to all zones, it changes this setting for all keyzones

why this feature? atm my need is changing NNA of all samples in instruments, Pianos benefit from “Continue”, Pads rather need “Note Off”,
to change it i need to set it for 60+ samples one by one

in general, there’s a lot of sample settings available, it would be more comfortable to “multi-apply”…

this would also help: moving/adding those settings into the instruments globally, but that would be a much too big change imho

right-click in the sample list, select ‘Select All’. now make your changes and see them applied to all selected samples.

oh, great, it’s there already

thanks a lot for the immediate help :)

I just Alt+click on the sample list and then press ctrl+a. Even simpler! :)