[already there] When Does Audio Recording Come?

when does audio recording for the best tracker in the world come, to reach a professional status? :lol:

when everybody gets wavelab :lol:

A little record button in the wave editor would be very useful…

  1. it’d be great to hit record, play a note on a synth and have it as a sample;

  2. ideally you’d be able to record into the wave editor while a sequence is playing - so you could have your MIDI synth playing and record it straight in as audio for processing and cutting up and whatever…

I’ve often had problems running Renoise along side Wavelab and Soundforge - what I have to do right now is put my Eventide in sampler mode and record into that from my desk with Renoise running - then close Renoise, open Wavelab, and record the part back from the digi out - then save it - load up Renoise - import sample - etc…

Sometimes it’s much easier just to use SX, but I’d rather write inside Renoise exclusively…

I’m rooting for this too, and easier ways of using vibrato and slides on VSTi’s… then Renoise would be even more perfect :)

Yeah- if they don’t ever plan on encorporating recording, they least that they could do is let asio drivers be shared or released in the background so that we can at least stay in the same computer. I’ve just been using wavelab or cubase on a different computer in conjunction with my main setup for recording my hardware that is being sequenced by renoise and then importing the waves… huge pain in the ass!! :angry:

Sharing asio drivers is a luxury if your card supports it, it’s not a natural thing
My audiocard drivers do not allow me even to share ASIO drivers between any possible audio app, only one can use the ASIO driver at the same time.
Wether it is a VST shell, wave editor or sequencing software.

I doubt this is something Renoise can fix. If the audio card supports it and it works well with any standard audio application that supports ASIO, it should work with Renoise as well.

uuumm… nope. I used to use cubase sx with a ghetto standard ac97 card built into my laptop- I just used the included asio drivers with cubase and in device setup I set it up so that asio drivers could be released in the background and was able to use wavelab and other progs at the same time outside of cubase… same with my old m-audio card, same with various other laptops with garbage cards and same with my current emu cards. Renoise simply doesn’t have an option to realease drivers in the background. I can’t edit waves outside of renoise or record my hardware gear simultaniously into a wave editor without shutting renoise down first because I get no audio in my other progs that are using the same drivers… never had this sort of dillema in other apps. So considering that I CAN do this in other apps with crap cards, I do consider this a limitation of renoise. I think it could be changed.

Renoise uses native ASIO drivers of the manufacturer’s card, i’ve heard Cubase does not directly use the audio card’s native drivers.

It might be the difference.
Would it work out if you would temporary pick the DirectSound driver in Renoise before going to any other app using Asio?

I can’t do this either since my card doesn’t allow to be controlled by any two drivers at the same time, not just ASIO.
But if your card does, it might accept this workaround as well.

Ok- I can get both working at the same time using asio in Emu ASIO in renoise and emu wmd in wavelab, and everything seems fine. But thats just for playback. I’m going to try and hook the two up via midiyoke so that both transports may be able to be triggered at the same time. Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I figured that there would just be issues with latency using two different drivers. I’m going to fool around with this and see how it works and post some results. I think a record button in renoises wave editor would be cool too. I was checking out the idea for the “wavetrack” and I think it would be better just to have a recording function in the editor (that could record durring platback of course), and then use the results just like how we currently samples. A few extra things added to the editor like a time ruler/marker, and stretching function (for breaks and that sorth of thing) would be awesome. And alot simpler and more realistic in the short run.

Does your soundcard support more than one stereo pair in/out? I managed to get mine working most of the time (still sometimes acts funny and refuses to record) by selecting the “limit Renoise to Stereo in/out” option from the configs. Have you tried this already?

actually at the moment i’m using an emi 2/6 card with my laptop, and renoise won’t work with it at all - so i’m stuck in directsound with renoise and then when i open soundforge i don’t get anything - recording or playing back

when i’ve used renoise with asio on other machines i tend to get stutters and glitches when i record into another app

i do find it a fairly major setback if you’re working with hardware - unless you’ve got racks and racks of outboard…

another option would be if renoise’s MIDI output could be tightened up a little - then you could run everything off a h/w sampler and have all the recording capabilities you need… at the moment i can get away with triggering melodies and pads over MIDI, but with drum sounds you really notice those stutters on every 6th note or so

oh that’s an interesting idea, i’ll give it a go B)

another solution would be the ability to save .mid files so you could export your MIDI parts along with rendered audio into another app

…unless i’m being really dumb and not spotted the export midi function yet :unsure:

If renoise could be run as a VST or rewired it might be possible too, imagine being able to insert a *rewireIn into a track… (although I can’t imagine the work involved in getting something like that up and running.) :blink:

Permit me to dream about being able to run Renoise rewired into ProTools though… :dribble: someday

this could be interresting.



might be indeed! I’ll soon try to come with some test results

for recording synths in realtime with my tracks in renoise i use this bitch.
voxengo recorder.
and just adds it as a vst last in the chain or where ever. JAM!

until the day i see a record button inside the sample window.

not to dig up a dead horse, revive it, then proceed to beat it again, to DEATH, I just want to get one thing straight:

I am NOT able to Have a crappy mic plugged into my crappy stock line-in on my laptop, turn on renoise and record sounds?

the only way (FOR NOW) to do this is to record on another app, upload the wav (or whatever) and chop and choose then in renoise, plot your samples and be happy until renoise integrates some kind of recordings?


you can record samples by highlighting an empty instrument - then go to the sample editor and click the ‘rec’ button

wow that changes everything. damn. i’m already taking voice samples and making the strangeness. YES!

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