Alsa with Renoise On Slackware,not Working?

this is the first time ive had problems with running slackware 12.2 and just installed renoise.
however i get this error when renoise starts;failed to open the alsa device hw:0,0(alc268 analog)device or resource busy.
i am at a loss as ive never encountered this!does anyone know how to fix this?
please help!!i would be eternally greatfull!
Rick :wacko:

does your slackware have pulseaudio server installed?

sudo lsof /dev/snd/*

should show you which program is using the audio device. Most likely pulseaudio/arts/esd. Shut it down and you should regain access.

thanks,i switched to ubuntu studio and had the same problem.
i’ll see what i can do.