Alt - Click


I’m new to this application but it looks very interesting. I haven’t used a tracker apart from fooling around with Protracker (I think) on the atari back in the dark ages ;)
However a feature I’d like to see is the ability to alt - click on a fader to return it to unity level (as in PT, logic).



if i don’t get you wrong, you’re saying you want it to return to it’s default value / initial state, right?

so if i got you right, it’s probably something which might be handy from time to time.

Yes. In Logic tools for instance pressing the alt (option) key while clicking on a volume fader or pan slider will return it to it’s default value. One example of use is selecting a number of channels, turn down the volume for all of them and then with one click return them the previous state instead of having to “slide” them into position.

Big Plus One!

+1, jumping to the default value for sliders would be handy.


Isn’t it Ctrl+click usually, or double click?
Anyway whichever button would be fine to me.

I can see its use in sequencers where you can select/control multiple sliders at once. In Renoise however as far as I know it isn’t possible to mouse-select/control more then one slider at the same time. Maybe this should be implemented first, would be a cool feature for in the mixer.

sign me up for grouping sliders.