Alternate Sinc Interpolation Option (Real Time)

hi, i think we maybe need some other sinc interpolation(s?) method(s?), this one(s) less hungry in cpu, but definitively real time capable… i see many uses for this, but let’s resume in 3 applications examples…

1- you think, (some threads about this) that renoise sounds darker while composing, but you love the final rendering result (thanks to arguru’s sinc), and you’d like to be able to get an idea of “what it’s gonna be” “how approx it gonna sounds” before the render… (to avoid time of export).

2- you use renoise as a rewire slave, and you are passing time exporting chanel by chanel when your track is done, to import in the host, one by one, and get the famous “sinc” instead of cubic in order to get a better final mix in the host.

3- you sometimes love to eq on your “real mixing desk” or/and root sounds/sends into some external analog enhancer, compressor, exciter etc. (like myself :)) and you’d like to get renoise sounds other than cubic while doing this way in real time while it plays directly from the audiocard output…
in this 3rd example, another suggestion would be to allow the user to choose the famous arguru’s sinc by his own risks,
sample by sample, untill he get satisfised, record the stuff, and return to cubic for the samples choosen before he gets his computer blowing… :)

suggestion… but i’d really find any issue usefull…

EDIT: of course, when i talk abour real time arguru’s sinc, i also mean soloing the mixer, bypass some effects etc. etc.

How computers are getting fast enough for them generally be able to handle what most of us would throw at them I don’t see any harm in having an option to choose which intpolaiton method is used in playback mode.

I indeed doubt this would be useful for playback full songs, but realtime playback of one track sounds possible.

Why? When it works for Real Time Rendering mode without your (my) CPU struggling too much on most my tracks.

1 computer

to get a better sound quality while playing renoise as a “sound-generator” in the hardware or rewire world…

please do it!! :) one solo track is enough for me… :)

I have a 2.4 Ghz quad-core, when i do real-time rendering alone, my CPU’s are maxing out incredibly, with Arguru’s sinc interpolation this rendering process is only going slower.
Perhaps with samples and internal effects, this might work. But with a bunch of VST plugins:i doubt it.