Alternative Native Delay

ok, this might sound like a stupid trick to some i suppose, but i think it might be of use to others and is an interesting direction to take.
it’s a method for building a delay an effect that mimics a delay (for fear of a scolding like here). here’s the blueprints:

  1. pick a sample (any sample, but i used a short high tick, like a hi-hat)
  2. apply mpReverb to taste (i’ve got Duration 6198, Predelay 0, Wet 100%, Dry 77%, the others same as Init)
  3. render the resulting sound to a new sample
  4. play a note of the rendered sample on a track
  5. add an LFO-device, square wave, amplitude 50, offset 22, freq to taste (the speed of your delay), destination CT | TrackVolPan | Volume
  6. put a LFO-device Reset pattern effect command either on the note, right before or right after the note
  7. presto!

so, of course, all you are doing is building a gater-effect on a long fading-out sample, giving it intervals. it has a lot less settings and possibilites than the Delay Device, but i do like the added effect of the position of the LFO Reset, which determines whether the sample you’re playing will be muted or not at the onset.

edit: just read the scolding-thread i referred to above, and realized i am describing a quite similar method to achieve the same effect, including a ‘fake’ step-delay effect there. so, i will provide you with that bonus tip here as well: