Always Check Ur Desktop

Check page 2 - post 4 and onwards :P.

heh :) at the beginning i didt quite understand what is “shemale” but after checking wikipedia… its quite funny indeed :)

Hehehe, he must be feeling pretty stupid right now. That thread has gone on for ages.

The thread was stupid… Christ, can’t people just watch their shemale in peace?

people were making fun of me for mine, I dont understand why…


its kinda funny…though at someones expense…what a bunch of assholes, actively spreading this to try and humilate the guy…

@alex: Now i do understand, if you can’t find my sent files anymore. :P

ALex: Lol, awesome desktop!! :D

I use it for Jedi training - try to open renoise blind folded :ph34r:

lol man, nice desktop, obi wan started his career with a desktop like that. What u need however is “total commander”.

Cos IE is your browser and Windows Media Player is your MP3 player :P