"Always On Top"

When I get very busy project (lots of samples plugins and it eats lots of cpu) i sometimes get into stage,
when renoise behaves like it was set on “always on top” i can’t switch into different windows either with alt+tab
or win+tab, i cannot open any menus in renoise to go to preferences for example etc, only thing that helps is to quit renoise
and start it again - which with a very busy project can be quite annoying

never happened to me, neither on Windows or Linux. Maybe your OS starts paging memory on the Hard Disk and everything starts to get mad?

B-complex, do you by any chance use Virtualwin by any chance? This has happened to me a few times and I use Virtualwin but I’m not sure if it is the cause.

I have had similar issues when Renoise is full screened, then alt tabbing, then tabbing back after a while, at which point it seems to think it’s in full screen mode, but going into Options doesn’t show the window, I have to then focus Renoise, press alt+enter twice to reset it, then it’s back to normal.

Not sure if this is Virtualwin though. Can’t live without my virtual desktops so I don’t mind putting up with it, on the rare time it does happen.

It is a regular win7 64bit system, only happens when the project is really heavy and by heavy i mean it eats about 4gb ram and i have to change asio latency to 50ms
So that i can actually playback the tune :) (cpu managment)

I have to minimalise renoise window if i want to use other programs in this case, could be an os issue but its renoise that is affected

Hm, I’m not sure. I recently upgraded to a Core i7 2600K and I haven’t installed all my usual apps yet, so I don’t have Virtualwin installed and I am also getting the issue. Working on a track that’s using a few instances of Kontakt with big patches and many, many DSPs. Renoise reports it’s CPU usage at about 35-50%

I also got the Always on Top issue, but it seems to be an issue with Renoise thinking it’s in full screen mode. I can’t reproduce it easily but it does happen.

I’ll be working on some stuff later today and see if I can reproduce it.

Just out of interest, what plugs/fx are you running that demands such a high latency?

It would be a long list, its not that they demand such latency, but cpu just cant keep up with all of them and i found out
That if i raise the latency it will help cpu to breathe some more,

Its not really difficult to spike cpu anyway, this happens in late stages of my projects when im running tracks through send channels effecting them on bus
And having master fxs running as well

I kinda learned to live with these problems i just thought ill mention it if it could be fixable
I still hate how renoise eats all my ram with no efford too but i just dont want to go into that anymore
As the official answer is that its all windows fault

Not necessarily the best answer to your problem (and believe me, i sympathize with you, i had a terrible time getting win7 worked out)… but maybe you should try rendering out all your tracks when you are ‘in the late stages’, then mix them like you are mixing on tape or something? This should give your cpu more cycles to work with your polishing and nitpicking plug-ins. Although i don’t do this all the time, i find that rendering tracks from trackers/fl/or whatever sequencer into reaper or something gives you another perspective as well as some new elbow room. You can still do more composing (sort of, in a different way, maybe a lot or a little depending on how you do things…) in that environment.
I guess you should expect large audio files to eat your ram for lunch then ask for dessert. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re doing, but maybe some good old fashioned disk streaming is all you need?