Am I Hearing Things Correctly?


I am curious about something, but I do not know if it is my imagination. After working on a track for a while, in ReNoise, i bounced all the tracks (in audio) to an external sequencer for mixing, and I was not sure if I was hearing what seemed to me to be a diminished overall sound quality.

Now, is there something specific to the ReNoise architecture where I am better off pretty much completing the ENTIRE track in ReNoise (or 99% of it), and THEN rendering the whole song as ONE (large) audio file, rather than bouncing the INDIVIDUAL audio tracks to another sequencer?

In other words, is the ReNoise “magic” better protected and conserved in the track if I keep it IN ReNoise as long as possible BEFORE bouncing it out?

I hope I have made my question clear and understandable?


Hey tunepoet,

could it be that you’re using Renoise with DirectSound and the other program with ASIO ? I think it might be the drivers that couse different mixings. At least on my PC I have a strong difference here.
Try to choose DirectSound on your other programm, if you use Renoise with DirectSound also. Here I prefer DirectSound sometimes.

I don’t think that Renoise dumps the sound on disk with a different quality than the one of its realtime output, if you choose bicubic interpolation for the rendering.
Another thing I can tell you (which you might know already), is that some VST(i)'s might not sound the same, if you don’t render them in realtime. Therefore there’s an option to render in realtime. If you have used any VST(i)'s at all…

I suppose you didn’t use a master compressor or such in Renoise which would be the easiest reason for a different sound.

And you could be right that each program might mix its tracks in a different way.

Maybe a possibilty also
Renoise plays all sound in 32bit cubic spline interpolated mode. (Which will
be played at 24bit by your soundcard automatically if you have 24bit)
So this will always sound really good.

Renoise renders in 32 bit too, but MAYBE the “other” program treats all
samples as 16bit as default (which is the standard in many programs as
it is sufficient CD-quality). (or that the program loads 32 bit but only plays
16 bit)
Just off the top of my head.

Thanks for the help… I think you are right. I do recall rendering it in 32, but my other program may have been set at a default 24. Thanks! Now it makes sense. But wait, does playing a 32 in a program set for 24, cause the program to automatically adjust to 32? I don’t know… I should go check the Ableton info. This is all too complex for me…

Damon :blink: