Am i the first?

Currently im creating a freeware game.
It takes time to do everything yourself (gfx, coding, music etc etc)

My question is: Has anyone composed music for games using Renoise yet?
(screenshot from the game)

Ofcourse I’ll link to from the games´ intro-screen!

The game look very good !!

It’s a resident evil like ?

go go go !!! Finish it I want to play !!

you made it with the ags, right?

But of course ;)
At the beginning I thaught everything would be very simple, but when the script-programming stuff begins… :confused:

There will be 30-40 different rooms. 10-20 backgroundsongs and some nice puzzles to solve :)

Yes, I’m using Renoise at the moment to write music for a fantasy RPG game. I was originally using Impulse Tracker, but switched to Renoise as soon as I heard about it because the sound quality is so much better.

Your game is looking good :)!

Thank you very much, but I dont know if there would be any nude scenes. Im making this game for a German girl that I like (I’m from Sweden)… But I can promise you some very COOL scenes instead…

so please tell me more 'bout the RPG game :))))


i did. we are still working on a r-type or xenonii clone for pc. actually this might take ages, since our small team doesnt have that much time to spent on the game, but our 3d engine is almost finished (yes, mix of 2d and 3d graphics, but still paralax-scrolling)

anyway. if you would like to listen to some tunes i prepared for the game :


What I’ve heard: Nice stuff indeed!

Ok I’ll download more of it later, at home, right now I’m sitting here behind a sloooooooow dial-up connection