Amazing Tutorial on making music

This guy is obviously a genius.

End result: Glorious.

I mean this video is fucking gold. I don’t know if this guy is self aware at all, but damn. Too funny.

I lol’d :D Truly hilarious, thanks for sharing :D
It’s pretty much obvious he’s joking :)

Haha that made my day! Especially the artistic “drawing mountains” approach to EQ-ing. :)

Thanks for sharing :)

I think, he should use more compression…

Encore: :)

When he starts randomly deleting things in the third video… :lol:

Transposing the bassline up two octaves to get it out of the way of the kick is a neat trick. :lol:

“Not afraid. In the-a-a…”



“Moving on.”

“Make sure it sounds good:Very important!”

Update: This guy is actually a part of a comedy group that has done a bunch of youtube poops featuring popular artists. Also did this remix:

i like how he basically follows all the (questionable) advice you get on music boards from people who have no idea of what they are talking about, OR they tell you the right things but you don’t know how to apply them correctly. some of the stuff reminded me of things that i used to do years ago or things that have been suggested to me with the statement: “there is no right way, just do what you think sounds good”